Basic Package ($750):
*Free Consultation
*Three prenatal appointments, one in the second trimester and two in the third trimester
*Birth and Postpartum Plan Assistance (includes PDFs for you to print and give to your birth team and provider(s))
*Printable PDF birth affirmations that can be customized
*Childbirth Education Class
*24/7 emotional support via text/call/email
*On Call from 37 weeks until delivery
*18 hours of continuous support during labor and delivery
*2-4 hours of hands-on postpartum support
*Assistance with breastfeeding
*Three postpartum visits
*24/7 emotional support via call/text/email for the first 8 weeks postpartum

Premium Package ($850):
Basic Package Plus...
*Two additional prenatal appointments 
*One additional postpartum visit
*Emotional support via call/text for an additional 6 weeks postpartum (14 weeks total)

Rainbow Baby Package ($950):
Premium package plus… *Two additional prenatal appointments *One additional postpartum appointments

Virtual Package ($450):
*Free Consultation via Skype/FaceTime
*Prenatal Planning: discussing birth plan, concerns/fears, and evidence-based options
*Discussing and creating your postpartum plan, i.e. providing suggestions and evidence-based information on how your birthing partner can best assist you
*Printable PDFs of  your birth and/or postpartum plans
*Printable PDF birth affirmations
*Virtual Childbirth Education Class
*24/7 on-call support from 37 weeks until delivery via Skype/FaceTime/Call/Text
*Two Virtual Postpartum Conferences
*On-Call Virtual Support for the first 8 weeks postpartum

Everything But the Birth Package ($550):
Basic package except attending your birth.
*Includes childbirth education class.

Fertility Doula Services ($400)
3 month cycle tracking assistance (useful for TTC and prevention)
Preconception Class
Custom Nutrient Dense Meal Plan
Support during fertility appointments

"Build Your Own Package" now available. Price varies based on items you choose.

His Hands and Feet Package:

**Call or text me for more information if you have decided against abortion and need extra support.**

Postpartum Care ($15/hr)

*Light Housekeeping/Meal Prepping
*Up to three hours of older child support while Mom naps/takes time to herself
*Errands/Grocery Shopping

Childbirth Education Class ($200 per 4 week class)

Four week childbirth education series that discusses and gives education on what happens all stages of pregnancy, labor & childbirth, and postpartum, while also discussing infant care and breastfeeding.

Introductory Classes ($40/class)
Now offering the following intro classes:
New Dad 101
Cloth Diaper 101
Infant Care 101

*Discount when signing up for two or more intro classes

Preconception/Cycle Tracking Class ($100)

This one week class focuses on how to get your body ready for pregnancy, as well as teaches how to track your cycle for pregnancy or pregnancy prevention. It also includes a monthly follow up for 3 cycles.

Birth/Postpartum Planning Session: 

These include two hour planning sessions via Zoom, as well as printable PDFs for you to give to your provider and/or birth team. 

$30/one or $50/both

Birth Affirmation PDFs

Birth affirmations can be customizable to fit your style and birth. Includes PDF file to print off and display your affirmations. 

$15/set of 20 premade affirmations
$20/set of 20 custom affirmations

*Payment plans available upon request. For more information, please call or text me.

Payments may be made via invoice, Paypal, CashApp, cash, or Venmo.

Gift Cards also available. For more information, please email me at [email protected].

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