Taylor was my doula for my most recent pregnancy. My circumstances were entirely different as I didnt have a "normal birth", my son was stillborn. Taylor was a huge part of my support system every step of the way. If she wasnt physically at my appointments, she was on the phone with me during or before and after. Taylor was there for the birth of my son Emmanuel and has been there for me since then as well to include his funeral. She is very knowledgeable and dependable. She is caring and sympathetic. She has a wide range of experiences when it comes to birth and that has only helped her with her skills as a doula. She is very trustworthy and reliable. She is easy to talk to and makes sure that you're well informed and comfortable. If theres something she doesn't know right off hand, she will do her best to provide you with that information. I would entirely recommend her services to anyone. She is passionate about what she does and you can tell just by being around her. I had a great experience regardless of my circumstances. I'm very thankful that she was a part of my journey.

Chelsea E. 

Taylor was amazing and a huge help. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you for everything you did for us during this pregnancy and during labor!

Randon B.

Taylor was there for us as we brought baby #3 into the world. She offered so much support during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and afterwards. She’s got the most amazing heart and is so caring. Having her there made me feel so supported and ready to tackle my second VBAC. She has an intense passion for pregnancy and birth and it definitely shines through! Would definitely Recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula!

Katelynn B.

Utilize this service [postpartum planning service]! I'm working on baby number 9, and I still have a hard time with preparing for the postpartum part of birth! Taylor really helped me solidify what things I want and dont want to happen after birth, as well as how to prepare to make those things possible. The post session notes and resources she sent me show how she really listened to my needs feelings. Her virtual services left me with no excuses and no reason to procrastinate, and now it's done! Thank you Taylor!! 

Amanda S.